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{weekend update} home alone ...

wade left town yesterday for a week in DC. he gets back either saturday evening or sunday morning - and then we leave for a week in rural illinois - aka vacation (internet status is still up in the air)! we get back the following saturday just in time for our friend clay's birthday and a family reunion on the 4th. and THEN wade heads back out on the road to albuquerque, detroit and seattle for another week and a half.

i mentioned to wade when i first found out about all his travel that i was going to clean the house - top to bottom. all the stuff you only do once or twice a year (base boards, blinds ... you know the drill). but my sweet friends - having found out i was home alone - have been calling and scheduling events left and right to keep me occupied. good friends rock.

tonight: dinner + packing w/ sean + whit
tomorrow: bible study @ our place
weds: dinner w/ laura
thurs: climbing w/ samantha
fri: dinner + concert w/ emily

as excited as i am about catching up w/ friends, i squeezed in a little me time yesterday. including a trip to the antique shops in goodlettsville where i found the perfect linens to finish curtain #2. and a date night w/ my knitting needles and sewing machine.

i also found this little dress at goodwill for 6 bucks:

she has the prettiest little red scalloped hem ...

but let's face it people - on a print THIS busy, is there really a need for extra beading?

a quick "de"dazzle (get it?) + the addition of a little braided leather belt ... and i think she's pretty sweet:

{no explanation for that funky face. this is the reason i do not do fashion posts often. it's miserable taking pictures of myself and worse weeding through all the duds! i should share those. ha.}

hope you're finding "me" time in all the business of summer as well! xo.


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