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{food for thought} betty crocker?

i've been gluten free (except a minor slip up at bonnaroo*) for 3 weeks now!

instead of heading to whole foods day 1 and stocking up on all sorts of bread, cookie and pasta substitutes - i've pretty much kept my usual diet: oatmeal for breakfast - vegetables, chicken/salmon, rice for lunch/dinner - fresh fruit in between. i've opted for corn tortillas when we hit up mexican and icecream or a popsicle for dessert instead of chocolate cake.

i have however been missing donuts (i never really craved them before!) and i know it's only days before wade begs me to make my spinach feta lasagna rolls again. so it's time, people. time to start weeding through the "not so yummy" gfree items to find the winners.

last night, we tried out betty crocker's gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix:

i'm a little sad that it took me a week to build up the courage to bake these bad boys. you have to understand ... i'm gag-frequent. it takes a lot of convincing for me to try something i might not like, bc i know what the outcome might be. but wade, our friend ketric, and i agree - these were really really yummy. while i probably will try to find a gfree choc chip cookie recipe from scratch (to save $), i'm thrilled to have this last minute sweet fix.

kudos to betty for considering the dietary needs of 2 of her gfree employees and not only creating 4 gluten free options (white/choc cake, brownies and cc cookies) but also building a separate gluten free processing facility for these treats. find fun recipes based on her mixes here.

my friend faith has been telling me "no one can come close to udi's". and i plan to make a trip to trader joe's next week to pick up a loaf of bread and/or granola. ... now to find a good pasta substitute. recommendations?

after dinner and a ride around town in the back of ketric's jeep (feeling 16 again!), i found a few spare seconds to begin a little project!

a pile of doilies, hankerchiefs, and other random linens ...

... a few pins here and there ...

... and i have 1 curtain panel for our bathroom pieced together.

... now to garage sale for additional pieces to make a "mismatched" pair. and then while wade is traveling, i'll finish and hang.

have a wonderful weekend, blogosphere. :)
i needed this little "retreat" blog post today. thank you!

* to explain my moment of weakness, after 2 days of ordering gyros w/out the pita and buritos w/out the taco shell. i had a HOTDOG + the bun. yikes. i know. what a waste of my weak moment. i could have had banana bread or crepes. ugh. stupid me. of course then i woke up w/ another rash (not hives) but what i call "texture" on tuesday. maybe the hotdog bun? maybe the workload?


myfriendstaci said...

I went to the thrift store to get some doilies to make a runner like I saw on Pinterest, but they wanted $1+ for EACH! Hello?? Who knew doilies were so important? I thought I'd see like a whole bag for a few dollars. I'll keep my eye out for some cheap-o ones.

Hé Ré said...

I had the rice pasta from Trader Joe's before & didn't notice a difference!
I'm a VERY picky eater, so that's saying a lot.
And I served them to the kids I was babysitting w/out any problems. :)

PS: I feel you on no gluten... I'm going no carbs/no sugar for about 45 days & it is rough!!!
I'm not even 2 weeks in & dying.
I did order some "Miracle Noodles" (google them) so I will try to remember to tell you how those are.

The Sugar Mountain said...

Beautiful curtain! & gluten free pantry makes a good and easy brown rice pancake mix. You know how much we like our pancakes;). We sub. Coconut oil for veg oil and add fresh blueberries- yum. Other than that our gf foods are home made.

Anjeanette said...

Tinkyada rice noodles are the ONLY ones I can stand. The other rice noodles I have tried have strange texture issues. These are good. The kids don't notice a difference. I can get them at most grocery stores now. http://www.tinkyada.com/

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