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i have been incredibly absent this week. and i'm really hoping i haven't lost all of my followers (still there, mom?). it's weeks like this that i really wish i had a blog partner - any "mundays" out there want to jump on board? ugh. too specific blog title gets you every time.

it's 10.40 on saturday morning and w/ the addition of 3 hours this am ... i am at last officially ready to leave town! wade comes home from dc tonight - and then we'll leave after church tomorrow.

where are we heading? well unfortunately we don't have the funds to go some place exotic this year (aka morrocan getaway part deux). instead we're heading to martinsville, il - pop. 1194.

it's fair week! the martinsville agricultural fair to be exact. my entire life we've headed to my grandparent's home for fair week - the only week of the year that grandma would lock the door. we would bet malone's taffy on the horse races, peruse the art hall and livestock barns with grandpa, and spend our evenings enjoying the events under the lights of the grandstand. when the sun was just too hot on the midway, we would head to the moonshine country store for a moonburger and a coke (cash only of course). or head to the casey swimming pool for a dip. or even better play a round of back alley bridge w/ my great aunt leona.

this year will be different than any year before. the house will be empty when wade and i arrive. my grandma is now living in a nursing home and my mom is spending the entire month of june visiting my sister leigh in hawaii. we will be thrilled to see my sister brooke and her family, my brother ross and his girlfriend, my dad and my aunt jill late in the week.

we are grateful for the retreat. and i am anxious for quiet ... for peace ... for walks ... for the smell of my grandpa that still lingers throughout the house ... for fresh watermelon on the sunporch ... for long drives through the country where you can see the entire milky way.

packing my sewing machine + knitting needles. and wade will pack too many books ... guaranteed. hopefully there will be spotty dial-up internet enough that i can blog. but if not ... i hope you find time to retreat this week too.


7eda002a-9f82-11e0-8cf4-000f20980440 said...

That was sweet, Honey. Almost made me cry..and yes, I'm here. I'm here a lot but can't figure how to get my comment up. Sorry.

The Blonde Mule said...

Have fun on your get-away! My husband & I were planning a little weekend trip for the 4th of July, but it fell through. Hoping to get away later this summer. Have fun!


Al said...

i love your blog blair - read it often, and always recommend to friends! :) i should comment more when i use your ideas and copy your crafts!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

@kim - sorry to hear that your plans fell through. our trip was nothing extraordinary ... but was JUST what we needed. hopefully you can find time for a makeup trip.

@allison - thanks for reading + recommending. don't know how you find time w/ that adorable little guy in tow. congrats, mommy and daddy. tell jeff hi.

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