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home sweet home

in one corner of one room if you stand on one foot (okay i made that last part up) … we have internet! truth is we’re stealing it from my great aunt that lives next door. the result --> remote blogging! :)

we arrived in m’ville late sunday. and kicked our vacation off by sleeping in until 8.30 monday am. that’s 3 hours later than usual! wade picked up a copy of hemmingway’s the sun also rises and i started a little sewing project. about midday, i finally changed out of my pjs and we took off to palestine, IL to hit up my absolute favorite antique store. i had been anticipating a visit to wonderland antiques for months … and they’ve moved to ARKANSAS. (congrats to my arkansas readers – best antique store ever.) we finished off the day w/ a trip out to the fairgrounds for the tractor/truck pull.

tuesday we slept in again and wade finished his book while i finished my sewing! (pretty excited to share my little creation once photographed.) we spent the afternoon at the city pool ... and wade has another killer sunburn. poor irish husband. in the evening, we went back out to the fair for the rodeo. wade was disappointed that i wasn't about to let him enter the last event of the night. get this - the first redneck to get a ribbon off a mad bull's horn won $100 dollars. and it only cost you $1 to enter. yikes!

confession: when i’m home in IL, i really really want to move back. wade reminds me that we have a great life in nashville (including careers!) – and that i would be bored out of my mind after a week. but when i’m here, i’m very convinced that a move to the country is just what i need. i mean truck pulls? rodeos? and tonight drag races? this is the life! ;)

today ... i’m daydreaming about this little farmhouse built in the mid-1800s:

it needs a little work ... okay okay the floor boards are completely rotted out. but $40K - for 4 acres and a pond ... i see possibility!


7eda002a-9f82-11e0-8cf4-000f20980440 said...

Where is it?

Tess said...

$40K That's more than a possibility! i would say go for it :) Btw, happy 4th of July!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

unfortunately the house is in rural illinois. i have come to the realization that if wade and i ever buy, we'll have to commute. but 5 hours is a bit extensive. ;)

@mom - it's on rt 1 just south of west union.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

ps @tess - love the pic a day challenge! :)

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