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pulling my hair out ...

i have 7 albums due to the plant by next thursday!!! that's right i said SEVEN.

4 to art direct and 3 to design in house. not to mention my regular crazy workload ... 2 digital books, 3 stickers, countless ads, 10 catalog ocards, 2 photo shoots to choose selects from and a couple of christmas pitches (yes i said christmas!). i'm pulling my hair out here!

wade is heading out of town on sunday for the week - the big national conference he's been planning for months. and then IF i can wrap all 7 of my projects, we are leaving town for an entire week. heading to rural illinois and eliminating all forms of work communication! {fingers crossed} again ... i'm pulling my hair out here!

speaking of hair ... i got a bit of a trim last night. as much as i would love to go crazy - and try something in the sincerley, jules vein ...

... i opted for my same ol' same ol'.

i've mentioned before that i'm growing my hair out. it was chin length before i met wade. over the years, it's been a bit of everything - short, long, curly, straight, highlighted, lowlighted ... even red at one point (i'll try to find proof!)! currently ... i'm plain jane - long and natural.

and with every inch, i am more motivated to let it grow and grow.

they say you should get your hair chopped every 6-8 weeks to keep it healthy, right!?! 6-8 weeks for me is cutting off the most recent growth. sigh. but then there's the issue of split ends if you don't regularly trim!?! ho hmm.

confession: i am a bit obsessed w/ trimming my split ends! it's pretty much my go-to when i'm bored or in an uncomfortable situation ... or just breathing.

my latest plan of attack ... better product. specifically - the dermOrganic morrocan argan oil hair treatment trio:

dermOrganic uses argan oil - which i've spoken about before. while we were honeymooning in essaouira, morocco we were told over and over and over again to pick up a bottle of two of argan oil bc it's so much cheaper there. of course instead, wade ended up with a white linen hippie shirt (that he's never worn in public!) and i ended up w/ some leather elf looking shoes (that i've never worn in public!). and then about a month after returning to the states, i found a sample of pure argan oil at sephora and have been hooked (and broke) ever since!

dermOrganic's argan oil hair treatments claim to provide nourishment for the hair with radiant and healthy shine. in addition to argan oil, they are rich in omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E that penetrate the hair to create a barrier against the damaging effects of heat, sun and wind. oh - and they're 100% vegan and gluten free. sweet!

today is day 2 - and i'll admit my hair looks good. and it smells good! :)

what are your split end tricks? ... and what do you think - should i go crazy and get a subtle ombre w/ birthday money later this summer!?! (crazy subtle, if you will.)


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

i like this post. i think your hair is looking gorgeous these days. I def love it long. although you're making me sad for that foot of hair i left in a salon a couple months ago :) hang in there on the work front! this too shall pass. xoxo

Hé Ré said...

I haven't cut my hair in nearly a year.
Partly from being broke & after I went so long I just figured why not go the year.
It will be a year end of August... and it is in BAD shape... but I can't give in now 2 months out!
Once I get my stuff out of storage I do have a pair of shears I may use on my very very tippy tips...

And, to help hair grow, take a multi-vitamin (especially pre-natal)... random but it works! ;)

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