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music saves mountains ...

i mentioned before that wade and i volunteered at bonnaroo this past weekend w/ the nrdc. to tell you the truth - i wasn't too familiar w/ the cause until we arrived. now i'm rather passionate and had to share w/ you all.

we worked a tent for "music saves mountains" - bringing awareness to mountaintop removal coal mining.

what is mountaintop removal?

instead of extracting coal from underground, mountaintop removal blasts away mountain peaks to access the coal underneath. today, there have been over 500 peaks destroyed (devastation the size of the state of delaware), cleared over a million acres, and over 2500 local rivers and streams have been buried from debris from the blasts - polluting drinking water with toxic waste and sacrificing the safety of countless communities. the economy of appalachia has also been greatly affected. in the last 30 years, mountaintop removal in west virginia has increased production by 140% while eliminating more than 40,000 jobs.

{source: steve shames / j henry fair}

the appalachian mountains are america's oldest mountains filled w/ fresh streams & rivers that have for hundreds of years provide millions of americans w/ clean drinking water. with the future of america's oldest mountains at stake, singers and musicians have come together to fight for these cherished mountains where american music and countless songs were born.

the nrdc premiered the film "the last mountain" on thursday night and then again inside our makeshift mountain/chill zone at sundown throughout the rest of the weekend (until our projector was stolen. boo hiss.). it is a documentary on the battle over one of these mountains:

this issue hits home, nashvillians! over 250 mountains have been blown to smithereens in kentucky. nashville, tn is directly downstream from this destruction.

our goal at bonnaroo was to get the word out and get people involved by petitioning the president to change the legislation. find out more about the issues here. and be sure to sign on w/ the cause here.


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