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fri-DIY: free people festival pack

i have had my eye on this holster festival pack from free people for a while now:

i came across it randomly a few months ago - and then my friend samantha showed up at a shoot w/ the bag in tow - and i knew i had to have it! wade challenged me to make my own. and w/ plenty of free time during our week long vacation ---> challenge accepted!

armed w/ bright green tissue paper to make a pattern - and a picture of the bag on my phone, i set out to make my own festival pack - perfect for fair week:

the result:

instead of belt loops - i opted for overalls hardware. i love the little cowboy stars - the perfect addition to "saddle bags".

of course there are lots of little lessons learned if i ever create a second pack. for example, my machine was not made to stitch through 8 pieces of canvas AND 2 pieces of leather. probably should have considered a thin fabric as lining. i now have 2 very sore thumbs.

i've been trying all weekend to capture the perfect angle of my backside. i've got news for you people --- after a week of fair food - it's not gonna happen! operation: life without fair food starts SATURDAY!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

This is divine! Great work lady!!! p.s. your backside is amazeballs.

7eda002a-9f82-11e0-8cf4-000f20980440 said...

I'm impressed!!

The Blonde Mule said...

Super cute! Well done!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies and mom - i love your ip address. ;) finally back in town. time to reacclimate to life w/ career. boo hiss.

faithc said...

OMG love it!! The 2nd one you make can be for me. :)

Lacey said...

Ive been searching for this bag in hopes to find it on Ebay or something. I wish i was as talented/ experienced as you to make this!!!!


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