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{food for thought} going gfree ...

well - i did it! a week ago today i decided to go gluten-free. last wednesday, i woke up w/ a fresh set of hives. and i decided something wasn't working. so i'm attempting an elimination diet starting w/ gfree - and if the hives continue ... i'll consider my stress level! (which is way above the norm this week! WAY ABOVE!)

so far so good ... however whomever decided the office needed krispy kreme doughnuts - you are a butthead!

super thankful for my sweet friend kristen (natrually free rd) and all her twitter followers. check out her journey to healing here.

i'm also super thankful that wade and i live in nashville w/ whole foods, trader joe's, gfree bakeries and more. oh and for betty crocker jumping on board - yum. no idea what my parents would do in rural illinois if they attempted to go gfree (as they should - my poor dad and his messed up digestive system!).

now about those doughnut cravings. any suggestions!?!


faithc said...

yep! udi's gluten free double chocolate muffins! They are so freaking good! I have no idea how they are gluten free, but all of Udi's products are delish and changing lives everyday. Check them out. http://udisglutenfree.com/products

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

gah - how did i forget this since talking to you on monday! going now.

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