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hello summer!

asos just sent out a fantastic little email titled "hello summer: festival fashion" which reminded me that i haven't told you about the fun little plans we have for the weekend after next.

we're heading to bonnaroo, people! :)

yes - we will probably regret it in post. i went a few years ago - and it nearly killed me (and my car - mysterious missing bumper incident). gah. a little too much heat, too much dirt, too late of nights, too many bra-less hippies and too many drugs. i kid! i did not participate in the drugs (though yes - i know that's what bonnaroo is known for.)

it's also known for it's wicked lineup. just a sampling of this years lineup:

wade has had the bonnaroo itch for a couple of years now. but let's face it - we're newly weds, we're budgeting, and we're not able to shell out 200 buckaroos a pop (that's a lot of dough no matter how much incredible music we get to hear in 4-days!). but we're not ones to pass up the opportunity to volunteer a couple hours and then spend the rest of the weekend checking out the amazing lineup!

and that is exactly what we will be doing! pretty stoked.

(we're volunteering w/ the natural resources defense council - specifically the no more mountaintop removal campaign. learn more here.)

now to check out that "festival fashion":

Image 1 of ASOS Leather Strap Crochet BagImage 1 of ASOS Summer Dress in Floral PrintImage 1 of ASOS Fringed Jersey Maxi SkirtImage 1 of ASOS FRAN Suede Tassel Sandals
Image 2 of ASOS Asymmetric Hanging Peacock Feather Alice BandImage 1 of ASOS 'No Lies Just Love' Tank
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