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{closet intervention} shoes!

last night i went w/ wade to buy him a new pair of khakis. he really really has been needing some ... and new work shoes & new converse. poor guy. afterwards he asked me what i wanted to buy myself. i'm definitely interested in getting a pair of toms as my everyday shoes this summer.

the debate - sparkly or sensible!?!

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truth is i can always find a new pair of shoes to purchase! most girls are that way. no matter how fat/ugly/blah i'm feeling on a particular shopping spree ... my feet look good in everything. ha! so i actually have this list covered! not that some of my pieces couldn't use an update ...

let's talk shoes, betch. (oh yes - that unfortunate music video always comes to mind when i hear the word "shoes".)

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the essentials - and my must-have:

1 // ballet flats (in a neutral or a versatile red) - corso como festive ballet flat {59.00}
2 // flat leather sandals - aldo nelidia sandal {34.98}
3 // basic black pump - nine west zuki {44.99} ... twice i've bought carlos bungalow pumps in both black and brown. and i can't imagine life w/ out them. BUT sad sad day - they are no longer in production! so i really need to be open to something new. or pretty dang similar.
4 // flat boots (black or brown) - asos kate leather long pull up boot {83.09} ... i've had my eye on a pair of frye boots ultra similar to these for a while. let's face it $83.00 is so much more in my price range than the frye's at 350 buckaroos. tempting.
5 // black heeled boots or booties - jildor carlsen cuff ankle boot {66.75}
6 // metallic evening shoes - guess tokenique {74.95} ... you might have guessed it by now - i love a 4" heel!

well - that's it folks! you know have the perfect shopping guide for a kickbutt closet! and it's completely changed my shopping ADD! pretty thrilling. :)

hope you've enjoyed the series as much as i have. have any all-time favorites of the pieces i suggested?


abby @ tales and trials said...

Frye's are definitely worth the investment. I needed some boots when we moved to Rhody this winter. I wore them pretty much daily!! They are so comfortable not
to mention stylish!!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

lucky! which pair did you decide on?

Emily said...

I vote for the sensible stripes....
Those look so comfy.

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