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well ... it happened again.

i'm a spotted mess w/ a ridiculous benedryl hangover. :(

friday afternoon i noticed my polka dot torso and freaked! i had over 20 bright red spots on my stomach and back. a spider in my shirt? no. this had happened before a few weeks back. i couldn't be that unlucky. worse ... office flea infestation? bed bugs? small pox? do not attempt to webmd. (lesson learned!)

i loaded up on benedryl and tried to socialize at dinner w/ friends (my apologies ketric + ashley & kristin + eric) ... and by 9, hit the sack. in fact, i spent the entire weekend in a medicated haze - not good as we had a wedding to attend (congrats reed and taylor)! my sweet husband even bug bombed the apartment to ease my mind. unfortunately by sunday night, i had several new spots despite our remedies. lovely.

so today i gave in and scheduled a dr appt. (without fail - every time i finally give in and head to the dr my symptoms have faded or are completely gone all together. isn't that frustrating!?!) well - today i lucked out and the rash remained.

the conclusion ... HIVES!

soooo thankful that we don't have bed bugs. but what gives with the hives!?! stress? allergies? poo.

while i work off the benedryl - i lack creativity.
but i hope you enjoy this polka dot inspired collection:

1 // how to polka dress - modcloth {52.99} ... pretty pretty open back!

{click to shop}

2 // stuck on you 3-piece japanese masking tape - ruche {9.99} ... my latest obsession!

stuck on you 3-piece japanese masking tape in "C" - Click Image to Closestuck on you 3-piece japanese masking tape in "C" - Click Image to Close
{click to shop}

perfect for this adorable japanese masking tape diy by how about orange:

{source: how about orange}

3 // blue polka dot headscarf - asos {18.47} ... the ideal summer head gear!

{click to shop}

4 // polka dot underwire tank swimwear - j. crew {64.00} ... maybe it's the former swim team in me - but i love a sexy 1-piece.

D-cup polka-dot underwire tankD-cup polka-dot underwire tank
D-cup polka-dot underwire tankD-cup polka-dot underwire tank
{click to shop}


Nathalie said...

LOVE the swimsuits! SO SORRY ABOUT THE HIVES!!!!

faithc said...

My mom has hives! It's not a fun thing to know you have them. So sorry... :( But I love the polka dot inspired post! The tape is super fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Blair! Hives suck! (especially since they're that ever-so-wonderful non-conclusive kind of thing, so there's still more sleuthing to be done, dang it all!) I hope you like your doctor, though, and it's someone you can work with to get to the bottom of everything. Oh, and from experience: once you build up a little tolerance to the benedryl, you end up with only benefits, no side-effects! Promise!

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