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{closet intervention} the dresses/skirts

last year i happened upon an interview w/ naomi from rockstar diaries on sensibly styled. during the interview, she admitted to not owning a SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS! say what!?! {who knows if that's still the case ... she had a sweet baby girl earlier this year.}

i've always been uber jealous of her wardrobe. so pretty and put together. always wearing adorable dresses and skirts perfectly accessorized w/ the right tights, belts + tops. so today's {closet intervention} is by far where i'm most inspired!

today ... we're talking dresses + skirts!

 Under the Pier Dress - RoxyImage 1 of ASOS Linen Pencil Dress with Cowl Front
{click to shop}

the essentials - and my must-have:

1 // tailored skirt - asos tailored ponti pencil skirt {55.40}
2 // printed skirt - urban outfitters kimichi library skirt {49.00}
3 // flirty sundress - roxy under the pier dress {39.50}
4 // work sheath - asos linen pencil dress w/ cowl front {64.63}
5 // little black dress - gap cascade trim dress {44.99}
6 // casual shift - asos vila button belt striped sun dress {40.62}

today i want to know what's your ultimate favorite dress/skirt in your current closet? BONUS question ... have your eye on a new dress/skirt out there on the inter-web?

my favorite would have to be a black + lace cocktail dress i found a few years back while shopping the clearance racks at banana republic. i think she ran me a total of $40 bucks (if that). and has definitely been worth every penny. a couple favorite memories:

l: an oldie but a goodie. w+i at my best friend em's wedding
r: you wish you looked as cool as i do rocking the robot w/ my little brother

right now - i of course have my eye on ANYTHING sequins. (funny that didn't make the real simple essentials list. ha!) but today i am gaga over this little sundress. too bad they don't carry it any longer in my size:

asos vero moda floral button-through sundress {36.93}

okay - your turn!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Don't you just love Asos stuff?? I have gone in there and filled my cart up like a crazy woman several times and had to been like ... Ellen, step away from the cart. Click away. Just click away.

I love that sundress you posted, too! And funny thing is the only size they have left is my size. I couldn't do that do you though. That would just be mean.

Also love this series of posts. Well, and everything you post!


blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oh - yes. i am obsessed. i purchased my first dress from there a few weeks back for a wedding this past weekend. and i love it. though i learned that i was a bit off on my UK sizing. a wee bit tight! (and not enough time to return and repurchase.)

you totally should! i love love love it. (but i'm pretty sure we're the same size!)

ps - we need a girls night.

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