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{whatever wednesday} wedding madness!

a couple of weeks ago i went to a girls' night honoring our sweet friend taylor (the taylor that was married this past weekend!). we drank wine, ate way too much, and flipped through each guest's wedding book. a fun wedding shower idea! there were books {+ weddings} of every shape and size.

one of the girl's pulled out a couple of random pics from her wedding. 10 YEARS had passed since her wedding and her professional pics were still in a box waiting to be sorted. yowch! while i have all our pictures on disc, i've been procrastinating. this was major moto!

let's be honest ... it's an OVERWHELMING project. (and thus my limited posts this week.) since i am knee deep in wedding book madness - it thought i'd share some of my progress:

{click to enlarge}

confession: i am not a scrapbook person.

back in college - i attempted to be for a while. but to be brutally honest - i didn't enjoy it at all. then i fell in love w/ shutterfly books. much more my cup of tea. and super duper uniform - perfect for the obsessive compulsive in me. for our wedding book, i decided to upgrade from shutterfly to blurb (a recommendation by friend/photographer kyle shultz).

for my married readers - do you have a wedding book? did you do it yourself or did your photographer put it together? any recommendations?

{our wedding photos: adrian hitt photography}


Brigett said...

I have been reading your blog since I met you at Ryan's Housewarming Party ( I was Wade's neighbor on Belmont). I just want to say how much I enjoy reading and how helpful this post was. I have been married 2 years and have yet to do a lot with all my pics! Thanks for the recommendation to Blurb, I feel so inspired!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

you're doing a great job with your book! It looks like a gorgeous magazine spread.

Mine are all just printed out standard size and stuck in an album. But I'm not really in love with my pictures unfortunately. I kinda regret trying to save money on that point.

I LOVE the poem on one of your pages!

Also I think that's such a cool idea for a wedding shower. I need to keep it in mind for my next wedding ... mmwahahaha!

myfriendstaci said...

Are those captures from Blurb? Our anniversary is coming up next month and our photos, like yours, are just hanging out on a CD in my office. Well, I guess yours aren't anymore. Kudos.

HANNA {the contented soul} said...

How did your book turn out as far as quality once it was printed? I bought a beautiful album to create my own wedding "scrapbook" (thankfully it was not expensive) and 2.5 years later I haven't touched it! I also am NOT a scrapbooker.

Blair Munday said...

it looks great! most of all - it's finished! :) i could tweak and color correct for years ... graphic designer issues. my one complaint = wish the pages were thicker. more professional looking.

HANNA {the contented soul} said...

I see. Well, that's still pretty good I guess! At this point I won't have anything if I don't do SOMETHING! ha!

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