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{inspire} fabric scraps

super-sized thank you to lisa for saving the day (and this blog post)!!!

a few weeks ago i shared my first roundup of favorite diys --> here. the easter egg bunting was sadly finally removed this week! the sewing notions art looks adorable above our recently overhauled desk. and i've cut out the little birds for the bird mobile. just need to sew and stuff. (i think i'll spread my flock around the apt - not exclusive to a mobile). 2 1/2 out of 3 - not bad!

maybe putting my inspiration in "writing" will keep me on track!
so here are a couple of my latest floral favorites:

1 // this dressed up sailor bracelet by ashley ann of under the sycamore. seriously!?! the girl sees inspiration in everything. and absolutely everything she touches turns to gold. so simple ... so adorable.

{source: under the sycamore}

2 // this adorable a-frame tent from cakies. love the vintage sheet - and my wheels are turning - think scraps of vintage fabric/old quilts! i sent wade a picture of this expecting a "you're a nut" reaction - we don't have kids and all. but instead he loved it too! i'm thinking this will be essential at all of our summer picnics - and future at home date nights. cute cute! bonus: the tent is made w/out nails or screws - so it's super easy to take apart and store.

{source: cakies}

3 // this pretty pretty recycled roses wreath from alisaburke. (thank you to mary of the sugar mountain for pointing this bad boy out. without her, i might have missed it!) i'm not usually a wreath girl. don't get me wrong - i think they are adorable ... but i am usually focused on the interior of our little apt. so our door lacks lovin'. but this is super cute - and a good use for all the fabrics scraps i have lying around.

{source: alisaburke}

4 // and last but not least ... this super cool side patchwork side table from urban outfitters. ooh the possibilities. maybe this is a little too ambitious for my {inspire} list. seriously we're about out of room for "new" furniture in our apt. but i'm thinking piano bench makeover. hmm ....

{source: urban outfitters}

what's inspiring you currently?


About Me said...

Love it!! I made a tent in our living room to surprise Tony for an at home date night! Who cares if you don't have kids... it's fun! ;)

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