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{shop} bugs!

apparently tennessee is about to be hit by a major cicada infestation. the 13 year cicadas are coming! think alfred hitchcock's the birds but w/ less (intentional) eye plucking and BIG BUGS. sick-ada! (yes - i just came up with that!)

only a tiny bit better than the real thing ... anyone brave enough to wear these magiciada earrings from modcloth:
Magicicada Earrings
{click to shop}

i would so rather be attacked by these lovely bugs any day:

Dragonfly by Dress
{click to shop!}

1 // anthropologie petite critters cards
2 //anthropologie watercolor peony wallpaper
3 // ruche fluttering on a rose necklace
4 // modcloth dragonfly dress
5 // my lavaliere @ etsy birds and the bees ring
6 // urban outfitters butterfly rug

and just because ...


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