Test Title 1

boo hiss ...

blogger has been down since mid-day yesterday. and though it's back up, it looks like the technical difficulties resulted in all posts from yesterday disappearing! *tear*

i shared 2 dif posts in that time:
  • {wednes-DIY} pallet chair
  • {inspire} fabric scraps
ooober disappointed. there's a glimmer of hope that they'll be able to restore them. (phew - bc i have no clue where to even begin to recreate.) ho humm.

i'll be back w/ the second edition of {closet intervention} this afternoon! until then ...


Kendahl said...

yuck! So sad! The only thing I can think of is if you go back to your history, you might be able to just get a screen shot of the page to help you recreate it??? I looked through my history though and your pages weren't even on my list - which is weird because I def read those yesterday. I wonder if it deleted the history too???? Don't know how that would happen, but either way it stinks! Hope you find them!!

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