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{weekend update} easter treats!

wade and i were crazy busy this weekend w/ hiking trips, garage sales and ... most important ... new projects for the apt. i can't wait to share! some require staging - others require finishing steps. so i'll have to be patient.

in the meantime ... a little easter eye candy - or would that be "eye cookie":

for once i made the perfect amount of sugar cookies. enough to share w/ friends - but not so many that carpal tunnel syndrome set in before i was finished decorating.

speaking of carpal tunnel syndrome ... have you experienced the decorator bottle set from pampered chef? another pampered chef must-have. holiday cookie decorating {along w/ an annual easter egg toss - odd, i know} has been a family tradition since i was just a little bit - but it was revolutionized a few years past when my older sister brooke brought over this set. so much easier than paper pastry bags! (especially for kids or cookie decorating beginners - aka my husband!)

what are your easter traditions?


Anonymous said...

yummy yummy. How do I get on the friend list for cookies?? :) They are so cute with the little star shaped dots. Adds great texture.

TheLovelyHunter said...

your cookies are so cute, i bet they taste heavenly!


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