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{simple things} my life in 20 photos

my friend ellen (black and white and loved all over) did a blog post over the weekend called "storytelling in 30 photos" (something she snagged from one of her fav blogs). as much as i enjoy blog posts on what outfits people have put together or their favorite etsy finds ... i love catching a glimpse into the life of the woman behind the blog.

inspired (but overwhelmed with 30 pictures) ... here's my modified version:

1 // me ... and the dreaded self-portrait

2 // my love ... my sweet husband, wade.

3 // my family ... the extended version.

4 // something that makes me happy ... fish tacos + tortilla soup from mas tacos por favor.

5 // back when ... back when i could get a tan!

6 // random wade and i ... the night after we got engaged.

7 // a relative of mine ... my only living grandparent - gwen hammond.

8 // a person i can tell everything to ... my sisters (and my little brother). we do need some updated pictures.

9 // my spare time ... a messy table full of projects!

10 // a place i love ... the martinsville fair.

11 // old times ... family camping trips! (and permed bangs - what!?!)
12 // a great night ... september 25th, 2010.
13 // always there ... my mom & dad. i am so blessed to have them.
14 // last summer ... boston visits - and day trips to maine.

15 // a picture that makes me sad ... i really wish wade could have met my grandpa haven.

16 // a picture that makes me laugh ... the 1st night wade met my parents. a very awkward picture w/ my dad - or a wax statue of my dad. hee hee.

17 // being crazy ... my dad's harley goggles. i think he was serious when he bought them!

18 // my parents at my age ...

19 // my favorite vacation ... our dream honeymoon to morocco (peacock pavilions).

20 // an accomplishment ... my half marathon. people say it's addictive - not so much! but i'm proud i did it once!

snag this post (as i did) -- but be sure to send me a link so i can learn all about you too! :)


kristin said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Mandy said...

such a neat idea! love all your pics! your parents are so cute! love seeing them at church! i stumbled across your blog doing a search for pottery barn moss letters! your crafty posts are just great...now i'm a follower! ;)

mandy maple

mary said...

LOVE this idea! It IS fun seeing what the bloggers you are reading do and look like and all that! You and your fam are super cute- you look VERY alike to your mom in that pic of her at your age. I think if I get some time (hoping two babies can play nice so mommy can blog lol!) I'll have to do something like this:)

Thanks for sharing!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

ooh ladies! please definitely share if you do your own!

@mandy - how funny. small world (wide web).

@mary - i totally agree. it was a task. i cut it down from 30 - but my friend ellen did all 30 w/ a 1 year old. super moms. ps - love those first step pictures!!! :)

Tess said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog since few months (actually it partly convinced me about making my own), and it has helped me a lot. Living in a foreign country for the last five years, and with the usual life ups and downs, I needed to focus my attention to the small things that matter. Your blog is a great inspiration :) I just stumbled on this idea and it is just great! I hope I can give it a try soon :) Thanks a lot for sharing!

Ah, before I forget, I sent you the other day a recipe, but it was not totally gluten free. I suffer from allergies myself, and searching for some ideas I found this site, might be useful for you too?


Take care :)

Tess (http://athousandcoffeebeans.blogspot.com/)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thank you tess - that is such a sweet comment. somedays (especially weeks like this when i'm running around like mad + have a sick husband) i feel like taking the entire site down. but it is such a fun way to express myself and see the ebb and flow of life. please let me know if you do this post!!! :)

Janice said...

This is such a brilliant idea! I'm inspired to showcase my life in 20 pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Blair Munday said...

oh please please! let me know if you do, janice.

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