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{someday} local art

wade co-heads watercooler - an informal networking group here in nashville for young entrepreneurs in their 20s, 30s and 40s that meets (almost) every month for drinks, networking and the chance to hear local speakers on a variety of topics. {intrigued? come on out this monday to corsair artisan distillery @ 5.30 - click here for info.}

a few months ago the group met at an art gallery for hors d'oeuvre and a question + answer session about investing in art. while we didn't necessarily agree on which paintings were in fact art and which were ... um ... just weird. we both agreed that we'd LOVE to invest in local art.

someday: wade and i plan to buy lots and lots of local art.

and we both agree that our first painting has to be by adam hall. he's a modern landscape painter here in nashville and a friend of wade's from his college days. i just recently was introduced to his work and definitely wanted to share:

{source: adamhallart.com}

whenever we can, we sneak away to wolf hill in bethpage, tn. the land was sold for around 25k in 1963 by one of wade's great, great aunts who couldn't keep up with the farm. it is our little daydream to some day buy it back (though it's definitely not 25K anymore).

in the meantime, we hope to commission adam to paint a version of wolf hill for us. then we can always keep "wolf hill" near no matter where our adventure leads us.


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