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{happy list} april fool's edition

1 // these fun dishtowels from house8810. there's no excuse for having a bad attitude while helping with after-dinner cleanup:

{click to shop}

2 // whipped cream and other delights by herb alpert's tijuana brass. about this time last year, i went home for a girls' weekend w/ my mom & my grandma. mom had picked up a couple of her favorite albums from her college days to add to my collection. when i flipped to this guy - i laughed and said "sure, mom". but it was actually one of her favorites - and it has been my housecleaning/crafting/pretty-much-everything playlist ever since:

{click to buy}

a couple of my favorites:

3 // this fantastic music video from rebecca black.

"yesterday was thursday, thursday. today is friday, friday. we, we, we so excited. we so excited. we gonna have a ball today. tomorrow is satruday. and sunday comes afterwards. i don't want this weekend to end."

why not!?! it's friday, people:

4 // these like and dislike stamps from urban outfitters. truth - i think these could become an integral part of my filing around the office:

{click to shop}

5 // and last but definitely not least ... this hysterical DIY from crafterhours. i don't know how she does it! there's not enough hours in the day to finish all the projects on my list - let alone make one entirely as an april fool's joke. (ps - i TOTALLY thought she was serious for the longest time!)

{um yes - those are diapers!}

wade and i are lousy at april fool's jokes - and honestly lousy at surprises. we just know each other a bit too well. (i hope he doesn't read this as a challenge!)

did anyone get you today?


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