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{simple things} a sunny weekend!

wade and i were in boston a few weeks ago when it was in the 80sº in nashville. completely worth the trip and 40º weather - but it made us even more ready for the sunshine this weekend! :) and it was BEAUTIFUL!

i spent most of the day on saturday out on the front porch prepping our desk and file cabinet to be stained. we walked 2 miles to church and then home on sunday morning (and got a little color!). then we stained the desk. unfortunately i wasn't sold on the color i picked out for the file cabinet. dang. i have a few more projects for the "office" before i make the big reveal. exciting though.

i'm pretty smitten over all the flowers in bloom. wade and i might have taken advantage of a lilac bush on the corner of our street one night last week for a little bouquet. lilacs are my favorite!!! don't worry - we picked the ones that were dragging on the ground. {not gonna lie to you - there's a pink tree in bloom across the street from my office that i'd like to attack as well!}

today it's STORMY. real stormy - so the file cabinet will have to wait ... again.
in the meantime, a few pretty bouquets of spring branches:

1 & 3 // lilac
2 // cherry tree
4 // dogwood - wade's favorite!
5 // redbud


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