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{simple things} white place settings

a week ago wade and i celebrated our first 6 months of being married. we didn't plan to celebrate - but my husband is pretty awesome and picked up a lovely bouquet of all my favorite flowers. then on saturday night he suggested that we eat on our china!

so that is exactly what we did:

most of our friends didn't register for formal dinnerware. most of them (and my blog favorites) are somewhat hippie 1960s vintage - but i'm a bit more ... oh ... colonial! :) so it's only suitable that i love a formal dinner table!

and wade and i were particularly excited to register for it. i have so many sweet memories of dinners shared on both my mom and my grandma's china. including the pride i felt when i was invited to sit at the adult table and use the fine china & crystal for the first time.

i love all the bright patterned formal dinnerware available right now:

but let's face it people - we can't afford multiple patterns to mix and match as much as martha stewart encourages it. {nor could we store all of it in our apartment.} so we opted for a pretty white + platinum place setting:

there's so much you can do with a basic white place setting too. add a table cloth, a few vintage mix/match accent pieces, some bright napkins, a charger or two and fresh flowers ... and voila! white china that would even get martha to double take.

here are a few of my favorite easter ideas:

Whimsical-Birds-Nest-Theme-Place-SettingOutdoor table settingEaster For All
{source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

are you getting excited about easter? maybe it's because i'm doing lent this year ... but i am counting down the days!


Faith said...

Aww... yall are too perfect together. You both thought about your 6 month anniversary. I absolutely love it. too adorable.

a case of the mundays said...

thanks, faithie! (that's definitely what i've been referring to you as this week. weird!?!) are you both planning anything?

Faith said...

It's pretty much what anyone close to me calls me. So no, it's not weird! Well we do have a date planned tomorrow night at park cafe (thank you wedding gifts). Celebrating 1 year in Nashville and we can throw 6 months in there too... Why not?

a case of the mundays said...

definitely! never been to park. but from what i just googled - it is added to the list. :)

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