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{someday} moroccan lamps

emily at [ little observations ] posted a link to terrain yesterday. i hadn't heard of it before - but it's an online shop inspired by the concept of uniting house and garden to create an experience for the senses. there's so much to love about what they have to offer.

i especially am in love w/ these lamps:

{click to shop}

beautiful! they are so similar to the lamps that hung in the main room @ peacock pavilions (our honeymoon stay) and the lamps being sold throughout the souks:

wade and i opted to buy a moroccan wedding blanket instead of lamps because we couldn't imagine traveling w/ the lamps --- 36 hours in airports - yikes! besides, a wedding blanket seemed fitting - honeymoon and all. ours is very similar to the these blankets below:

{i love the idea of using our wedding blanket as a rug.
however - first we have to figure out how to clean it. smelly!}
{source: 1, 2, 3}

though we love what we brought home w/ us ... when we arrived home - we began looking for similar lamps. definitely adding these to my "someday" list.

{if i could find the right materials, it would be so much fun to make my own! any ideas on where i could find a something similar?!?}


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