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{shop} paper products!

oh the fun and random things you find when searching "paper" on anthropologie. (okay i wasn't just searching "paper" for the heck of it. but you'll have to stay tuned until i can finish up my initial reason.)

in the meantime:

{click to shop}

1 // how ridiculous but adorable are the "paper pretender dinner plates". (okay truth: i secretly am in love though i realize how silly they truly are.)

2 // soil mates: companion planting for your vegetable garden --- so cute! i have the furthest from a green thumb, so i can always use a guide to which veggies grow best together. (luckily wade is my tree hugger.) speaking of, it's almost time to start germinating our little window box herb garden. so excited!

3 // i love this simple industrious little 2lb weight + it's little hidden compartment. i can always use more storage even for the littlest of things.

4 // last but not least ... if we had a home, i would want to invest in this lovely paeonia wallpaper! when wade and i were looking at places, i fell in love w/ the giant magnolia wallpaper in the foyer of one of the homes. i'm gaga over this updated version - graphic yet pretty pretty.

speaking of wallpaper ... have you heard the news?

coming march 24th, anthropologie will launch decorator concept to help customers generate design ideas w/ workshop-style shops within 12 of their stores (nashville included). each shop will include wallpaper swatches, rugs, curtains, printed info about products + regular workshops w/ design experts. they will also begin to carry design magazines and books. and the online customer will benefit from the new "for the decorator" section that will debut on march 17th. it will be chock-full of tips and tools, including a wallpaper calculator, upholstery fabric and wallpaper swatch requests and a glossary.

{photos by Anthropologie from the Chelsea & Wayne shops}


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