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{happy list} let's go fly a kite

occasionally when i'm in a bum mood about having an office job (and an office w/ 0 windows!) ... i listen to disney. it's true. today is one of those days. feeling burnt out after a looong week.

but "let's go fly a kite" just put me in so much better of a mood.

1 // this adorable kite artwork - so sunny and sweet. a must do for a future nursery (not that i'm pregnant, bc i definitely am not!) check out sunshine and carousel's before/after.

2 // this pretty pretty kite print dress available @ the red velvet shop (unfortunately it's currently out of stock. but here's hoping they restock it soon!)

{click to shop}

3 // these kite inspired paper and stitch cards by winfred studios on etsy. so perfect for spring!

{click to shop}

my sweet friend ellen of black and white and loved all over posted pictures of the invites she created for her little tessa's 1st birthday - and her new obsession w/ sewing on paper. definitely going to give this a go this weekend!

4 // this sweet photo by alexandrena parker and that perfect homemade kite.

5 // this annual kite festival top by danish designer nümph available on modcloth. the multi-colored ribbons are the perfect little detail. simple and adorable!

{click to shop}

{source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

just a note ... it seems a bit inappropriate to have a {happy list} today. my thoughts and prayers are with those in japan affected by the earthquake & tsunami. as i continue to see more and more devastation through pictures, i am reminded how silly i am to complain about an office w/out windows. definitely puts life into perspective.


emily said...

i love that kite dress! kites make me happy too...it is my go-to doodle when i am sitting in meetings!

a case of the mundays said...

me too. it's absolutely the cutest print. :) missed you last night. next time we'll plan further in advance.

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