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it's kind of a funny story ...

finally wade and i redbox-ed the film it's kind of a funny story. it has been on the list for a while but always unavailable. oh redbox.

remember when steve carell played dan, a widower and father of 3 girls, in dan in real life? the role was still comical but it wasn't his usual ridiculous ... more obnoxious than funny ... self. and i LOVED it. that is exactly how i feel about zach galifianakis (yes i had to google the spelling on that one) in it's kind of a funny story. i LOVED him.

and i thought the movie was pretty loveable too. it's the story of a clinically depressed teenager that gets a brand new view of life after checking himself into an adult psychiatric ward. complete w/ creative dream sequences similar to 500 days of summer (a def favorite).

and that little tagline ... "sometimes what's in your head isn't as crazy as you think" - words of wisdom this thursday afternoon.

did you happen to see it?


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