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{someday} piano overhaul

i inherited my grandma's piano a few years ago. i love having a piano in our apartment - though i really should play it more often. i mean - if you only knew the struggle that our relationship wade went through moving that thing into my first apartment - and then again into our new apartment - both second level apts w/ an unbelievable amount of stairs. yikes! i REALLY should play it more often.

lately i've been thinking it needs a bit of an update. there are so many fun piano overhauls online for inspiration:

red painted pianoturquoise painted piano
{source 1, 2, 3, 4}

okay - don't freak out mom and dad. our apartment wouldn't fit a bright orange piano as cool as it might turn out. instead, i'm thinking a weathered/stained look would be perfect. restoration hardware inspired.

Montpellier Armoire St. James Armoire

like this piano bench (which ironically is just a step in the diy spot's piano bench overhaul):

{source: the diy spot}

though maybe a darker ebony stain.

so i've added this to the list of furniture for wade and i to drag out to our itty bitty front porch and overhaul:

*filing cabinet
* desk
* piano

in the meantime ... i'm thinking i'll play around with the piano bench. inspiration:

{source: 1, 2}

you guessed it. more burlap!

all this to say - i think it's time to invest in an electric sander! anyone have an extra we can borrow for the weekend?


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