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whatever wednesday: if i had kids ...

... i would totally order this official tooth fairy kit right this second from house8810:

{source: house8810}

so cute! in fact ... everything on this site is so cute!!! check it out! {i'll do a little feature later this week w/ some of my favs.}

wade and i decided this morning that we need to get serious about budgeting. next month we will start divvying out "blood money" - our much cooler version of fun money that has to last each of us the entire month. i might have to stop "window" shopping. grr. there are just too many cute sites out there!


Kendahl said...

Love this! :) Is it bad that I kinda wanna buy these now because they might not still be around when we get around to having kids? hmmm...I'm sure B would talk me outta it. Also, wanted to let you know that I am TOTALLY stealing your bed caddy idea. I bought a canvas shower curtain from Target on clearance for $4.99 and didn't end up liking it. However, you can't get that much thick canvas fabric for $4.99 if your life depended on it. So, i've been saving it till I find a good project...well now I have! :) Thanks for the awesome idea, it will be the perfect addition to our new bed!! Do you have a site you used for a tutorial? I'm sure I could fake it if not but I thought I would ask... Hope all is well!

a case of the mundays said...

ha! i'm w/ you ... if wade and i weren't budgeting i would have ALREADY purchased!

i can def send you the 411 on the saddlebags. i found the idea in a book and modified it to fit. i'll try to remember what exactly i did tonight - and (since we don't have internet at home) type it up for you in the am. :)


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