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weekend update: a visit from my parents

my parents stayed w/ us friday night through sunday afternoon. (the #1 reason i didn't blog this weekend.) i was a bit nervous about having house guests in our tiny 1 bedroom apt - but with 70 degree weather, we didn't spend much time at home. and in good mid-western fashion, the majority of the weekend revolved around food! :) yum.

saturday lunch: mas tacos por favor

mas tacos por favor began as a mobile vendor --- "the taco lady" and her winnebago. serving up a rotating menu of warm corn tortillas topped w/ pulled pork, fried tilapia marinated w/ lime, charred chicken w/ tomatillo salsa, and quinoa w/ roasted potatoes for the veggie lovers, her $3 treats are the best taco in town (and don't get me started on her tortilla soup!). you can always find out her latest winnebago location via twitter. or their new location (732 mcferrin avenue 37206).

saturday dinner: robert's western world

located on historic lower broadway, robert’s western world is nashville’s "undisputed home of traditional country music". enjoy the best hillbilly, rockabilly and traditional country music that nashville has to offer AND a cheeseburger and onion rings? game on! unfortunately we didn't stay out late enough (ahem ... we didn't make it to 10pm) to hear my favorite band "brazilbilly" - but robert's is one honky tonk in town we enjoy visiting even without out-of-town guests. (bonus - robert's western world is smoke-free. unfortunately that's not the case for all of nashville's cool bars.)

sunday breakfast/lunch: loveless cafe

the loveless cafe remains unchanged in its quaint country charm and home cooking that has made it a landmark in nashville since its doors opened over half a century ago. we decided to share a family-style lunch ... and took home enough leftovers for a week! call ahead of time to make a reservation (2 hour waits are the norm)! and then use the time you saved to drive down the natchez trace to leiper's fork! :)


Mom said...

We had a wonderful time eating er I mean being with you two. Miss you much!

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