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weekend update: kitchen built-ins

remember how not one but two of our plates fell and broke?

a recap: i wanted to display our dishes on the built-ins in the kitchen. so i found self-adhesive vinyl foam weatherstripping at ace hardware and went to town. and the cabinets have looked beautiful since sept! then when wade and i returned home after the holidays - we found that the adhesive didn't keep in the cold - and we had 2 broken dishes (thankfully - just 2). "weatherstripping" apparently doesn't mean "weatherproof".

to be honest, i was disappointed and a bit defeated. we have such limited cabinet space. the dishes sat stacked on our washer/dryer all week while we considered our options. a little proof of our lack of space:

{our ghetto dishwasher ...}

{... has been re-purposed as a storage cabinet}

our mission this past weekend - to find a fix & still use the built-ins.

the culprit - this NOT weather-proof foam:

the solution - little square dowel rods, three nails each dowel and a can of paint:

and now my babies are safe again!

thanks to my live-in handyman!

we also squeezed in:
* a trip to the nashville bead show with taylor
* a hair cut
* a few humphrey bogart films from the collection i bought wade for christmas †
* a hike at edwin warner park
* dinner with matt and jana
* dinner with whitney and sean
* a date night at yellow porch (yum!)
* a calvin house meeting
* church
* sam's with jason and the boys
* 2 movies (true grit - excellent + the dilemma - eh.)
* laundry
... and *2 crafts

shouldn't every weekend be a 3-day weekend!?!

† i'm thinking a new blog category called "HUMP DAY" which would include movie reviews of the latest humphrey bogart film wade and i have seen. hee hee. okay maybe not.


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Woah, busy weekend!!

So, have you seen this website? Totally thought of you because of all the felting crafts ...


I want to try doing her Pink House tutorial.

a case of the mundays said...

oh fantastic. i'll have to check it out. loved your trip updates. haven't been out west. need to make a trip!!!

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