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wednes-DIY: a "berry" basic heart wreath

i haven't decorated much for holidays other than christmas. but now that our christmas decorations are packed away ... our house is a bit sad & boring.

so ... bring on the valentine's day decorations. ♥ and today's {craft}ernoon: a "berry" basic heart wreath.

inspiration: this little heart wreath found on display @ the idea room.

{ps - visit the idea room for DIYs on her felt adorable topiary,
tissue rosette kissing balls & "be mine" frame}

* a heart-shaped grapevine wreath. (about $3.99 at Michaels - or make your own!)
* red mulberry branches (right now you can find these @ after christmas sales. 70% off ... i spent 34cents per branch and used 6 branches)
* scissors

{craft}ernoon: heart - supplies

step 1) cut off the excess of the branch just below where the berries begin. starting at the center of the heart, wrap the berries into the grapevine heart.

{craft}ernoon: heart - step 2
{craft}ernoon: heart - step 1

step 2) cut the excess branch and use as twist ties to further secure the berry branches.

{craft}ernoon: heart - step 3
{craft}ernoon: heart - step 4

step 3) i finished by adding small sprigs of a bigger/darker berry and a bow to hang it.

{craft}ernoon: heart - step 5

voila* ... your very own "berry" basic heart wreath:

{craft}ernoon: heart - final

have any valentine's decorations worth sharing? i would love to hear about them!!! and i can't wait to share all of my other ideas. :) xo.

*wade informed me this morning that it's "voila" instead of "wah-lah". seriously! i knew that.


Half-Crazed Runner said...

Thanks for the craft idea. I have been looking for a heart shaped berry wreath & never liked what I saw. I'm going to get some pip berry garland (can't find the mulberry stems) and weave it around a heart-shaped grapevine wreath and make my own!

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