Test Title 1

with the new year ...

reflecting on 2010
1) the biggest happiness of 2010: definitely would be marrying mr. wade munday. he has made me a very very happy girl. it has been so much fun making our apartment into our home - and transforming our separate lives into one.

2) the biggest sorrow of 2010: saw a lot of heartache earlier this year with the nashville flood. including several lives put on hold as they began to rebuild. but from tragedy, we were given an opportunity to love. and that's exactly what nashville did (and continues to do!).

3) one special friend you made in 2010: i love my friend min. she and i were paired together through nashville adult literacy council (nalc) back in january. but she's more than a student ... she has become family --- my mom away from mom.

4) one special friend that you lost in 2010:
thankfully i can't think of any broken friendships from last year. of course ... i could always do a better job at making time for all the great friends God has blessed me with. i especially miss quality time with my best friend laura. but am thankful for our emails! pen pals in the same city. :)

5) one thing you wouldn't change about 2010: i wouldn't change a thing about our honeymoon! wade and i probably spent too much on our 10 days in morocco. but it was a once in a lifetime trip. and i'm so thankful for the memories.

6) one thing you could change about 2010: >see #5 ... i wouldn't lose my camera full of pictures from our honeymoon!!!

refocusing on 2011
1) one goal you hope to achieve in 2011: to keep a journal. thankfully, with my little journal/calendar(s) i made over holiday, i can easily jot down a simple 1 sentence journal entry per day. there are too many sweet memories i can't recollect when i need a pick-me-up.

2) one special hope for 2011: i ask for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. i hope for this towards my co-workers when work gets monotonous (about february - hee hee). i hope for this in my marriage when i'm tired or feeling selfish. i hope for this in my relationship with my friends when they are weary & need a listening ear. my hope is for all of these for you too. :)

happy 2011, blogosphere. xo.


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