Test Title 1

wishlist: oh okay ... i'll spend 500+ buckaroos on new tires

{sometimes being an adult really STINKS! doesn't it!?!}

but if i had $500 to spend on fun stuff ... i'd probably buy:

1) this pair of frye boots i've had my eye on for quite some time now. love. --- $250.00

{photo courtesy: i go by katie}

2) this little rustic tool caddy from etsy for our coffee table. --- $40.00

3) this red skirt from uo just in time for valentine's day! --- $60.00

4) some divine twine ... you can never have enough baker's twine! --- $30.00

5) 2 new emma salad plates from pottery barn to make up for the 2 that broke over holiday. {by the way - i still get giddy every time we have dinner and get to use these beauties. i LOVE them!} --- $20.00

6) this butterfly necklace from etsy ... another reminder that spring is just around the corner! --- $25.00

7) and a refill of toleriane facewash from la roche-posay. heaven! --- $25.00

oh ... and i guess i should put down something for wade. i bet i sound so SELFISH. but this is a wish list. ha!

8) this sun-washed flannel shirt from jcrew. i love men in white shirts. i love men in flannel shirts. it's a happy medium. yum! --- $75.00


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Great idea for this post! It's pretty amazing/disappointing what we could purchase if we didn't have to spend our $$ on electric bills and tires.

By the way, I think it's so funny that your "unproductive" weekend sounds so productive to me!!

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