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weekend update: sick day!

{photo courtesy: pinterest.com}

wade and i had a ridiculous unproductive weekend! i was feeling under the weather starting about weds of last week. remarkably - i don't feel bad about it at all! (yes ... me - the one who can't watch tv without ironing or knitting or at least straightening during commercials!) it has been go go go since the holidays - and it felt nice to retreat and recoup.

we did however find time to ...
* clean the apt and organize our files.
* watch "the social network" --- {have you seen it?}
* rid the hall of excess wedding supplies - at last!
* purchase new tires (ick!)
* make homemade sushi (yum!)
* take a drive and dine in franklin.
* conquer chapter 3 of our french lessons (twice - once for him and once for me!)
* dine with ellen and nekos of blackandwhiteandlovedallover.com
* attend church & sign up for a new couples study
* meet w/ my high school girls

finally i woke up this morning feeling myself again. and i have a couple new ideas to share this week! yay.


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