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{blog}share: tshirt necklace

came across this little recycled DIY on wholeliving.com last week (they credit cucumbersome.com for the original idea) - and have been dying to give it a try. FINALLY got around to it last night.

{click above to go to the DIY}

i'm pretty happy with how mine turned out - RED of course for valentine's day. i used a child's size small t-shirt. i might recommend getting an adult size tshirt for more loops and more length. love the look of this necklace doubled up! (i might just have to make another - an excuse for a necklace in an additional color!)

now i have the necklace itch. check out this lovely find from mayfly designs i found while wandering the world wide web. googling tutorials for pinwheels NOW! :)


Mom said...

Only cute on you, Honey. You have a knack!!

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