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felt friday/Fri-DIY: felt pansies!

i had a blog friend ask me a while back to post a DIY on felt flowers. i can't believe i'm just getting around to this today ... but w/ another snow in nashville - i am definitely getting spring fever.


* 1 sheet of felt for your petals
* 1 sheet of felt for your leaves
* embroidery thread & needle
* 2 circle templates or circular items to trace (i used a votive candle and a quarter)
* pencil
* scissors

step 1) trace & cut out 1 big circle and 3 little circles per pansy.

felt pansy - step 1
felt pansy - step 2
felt pansy - step 3

step 2) place the 3 little circles on top of the big circle so that they meet in the middle.

felt pansy - step 4

step 3) take your needle through the middle of the big circle.

felt pansy - step 5

then sew through the middle of the first little circle and back to the center. i reinforced my stitch by then going through the same little circle again.

felt pansy - step 6
felt pansy - step 8

step 3) follow step 2 to add the other 2 circles. and then tie a knot on the back side.

felt pansy - step 7
felt pansy - step 9
felt pansy - step 10

step 4) i used my quarter again to trace out leaves.

felt pansy - step 11

here's what we have so far:

felt pansy - step 12

step 5) i added a little midrib of 2 stitches to each leaf. {woops! i didn't photograph this step!}

step 6) carefully i stitched the parts together so that the stitching didn't show on the right side.

felt pansy - final

my wrong side loooks AWFUL. and i wouldn't give it to anybody like this. ha! but it made it easy to loop a headband through some of the bigger stitches. to clean the wrong side up a bit - you could add a piece of felt over the stitches!

felt pansy - step 13

voila! :)

felt pansy - final 2
{self-portrait pictures are my archnemesis!
maybe i'll post a separate blog with all the AWFUL pictures i captured!}


Lindsey said...

I'm so excited! This is adorable! I can't wait to try it!

By the way, my friend and I are trying your felt wreath except in the heart shape for Valentines! Although, I love your berry wreath, too. Decisions, decisions.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

OK, I just made one of these! I love how it turned out!! I need to email you a picture of it. :) Thanks for the tutorial!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Here are photo links:




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