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snow day!!!

last night it snowed ... lots and lots and lots. well for tennessee. ;)

{photo courtesy: we ♥ it}

remember how exciting it was when you were little and the weather report called for snow? a couple weeks ago there were fluries - the kind that barely reached the ground before melting. i giggled as i watched the neighborhood kids attempt to play in the "snow". so excited. they must really be having a ball today!

the boss called this am to tell me not to attempt driving in. the roads were pretty bad and tennessee drivers ... even worse. but i live 6 blocks from the office. i couldn't really use that as an excuse. {besides i had 2 year end ads due.}

but for a moment i was pretty excited at the idea of a snow day. there's so much that i still need to do before holiday. i feel a bit lazy ... no new updates. no new crafts.

but it's been busy! friday - we hosted a little dinner party. saturday, wade helped a friend with a photo shoot (in the cold cold rain) ... then after defrosting, we went to a tacky sweater party. sunday - we spent the majority of the day at ugly mugs - a coffee shop in east. wade had work to do - and i finished up our christmas card! {pretty excited about it too!} finally we ended the weekend by having wade's former roommate & his wife over for dinner.

i do have a couple of fun projects i've been working! and i should snap a couple of pictures of our tree! it's finally decorated.

hope you're surviving this busy time of the year.


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