Test Title 1

yum! white choc pretzels in a snap.

last night, i was in need of a quick christmas fix. white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks are on the top of my christmas must-have menu (just behind fudge!) ... and i found this little 10 min fix to my craving. {super easy for kid participation too!}

{photo courtesy of familyfun.go.com}

* bite-size waffle pretzels
* hershey's kisses or hugs
* m&ms

1) preheat oven to 170ºF.
2) place 1 unwrapped hug or kiss on top of each waffle-shaped pretzel on a cookie sheet lined w/ parchment paper.
3) bake for 4-6 min until the chocolates feel soft (the white chocolate outer layer on hugs will melt more quickly!).
4) remove from the oven and quickly press an m&m into the center of each kiss.
5) place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes while the chocolate cools.

that's it!!!

cute, quick and delicious! :)

{i just heard a modification ... rolos w/ pecans - an instant turtle. yum! i think these would be delicious with the new mint/chocolate kisses too!}


Nathalie said...

I may make this with Asher today! so cute and looks so good!

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