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*update* cookies ... anyone!?!

we're up to 9!!!

myself (peanut butter/hershey kiss cookies & white choc prezels)
jamie (rice crispies)
faith (sugar cookies)
taylor (gingerbread snowmen)
tess (oatmeal dark choc cookies)
ryan (pumpkin choc chip oatmeal cookies)
rose (oatmeal raisin)
... and maybe cookies from christina

i'm pretty thrilled ... but of course there's always room for more!

if you're coming - be sure to comment to let us know what you're bringing.


it's that time of year ...

homemade caramels
white chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate/oatmeal no bakes
iced sugar cookies

the little cookies with the hershey kisses on top
the list goes on and on and on.
... yum!

in small town illinois where i come from, we have the christmas tradition of cookie swaps around the holidays! and i wanted to see if there was any interest here in nashville. (for those of you outside of nashville ... be encouraged to start your own!)

the plan:

each girl will simply make their christmas favorite ...
i've seen 6 dozen online! woah. that's a lot of cookies. most of my friends are married w/out kids or with itty bitty non-cookie eating kids. so i think we'll stick with 3 dozen.

then we're meeting - thursday, december 16th @ 7.00 to swap.

after everyone has socialized for a bit, i plan to gather everyone in the kitchen around the table adorned with cookie madness! i want everyone introduce themselves and their cookie. i especially am excited to hear why they chose to bring their specific cookie. {though my excuse will probably be something like - "i attempted two other recipes ... and finally landed on this no bake!" ha! i kid.}

then we swap! again ... yum!

should be a lot of fun. interested? comment and i'll get you details!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Love this idea! I'd love to come and I want to see your adorable apartment. May I? :)

A Case Of The Mundays said...

absolutely!!! :) i'll email you with our address.

so far i've only heard from 3 other friends. but that makes 5 of us!!! and i'm sure i'll hear from others. (one is making sugar cookies, another gingerbread. let me know if you get an idea - so that we don't have multiples!)

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