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felt friday/fri-DIY: felt wreath

i have a new found love for the fuzzy stuff ... and a deep desire to organize the blog a bit more. so ... introducing FELT FRIDAYS! i'm going to do a feature on felt each friday - whether that be inspiration or {craft}ernoons. it depends how i'm "felt-ing" that week. okay that was purposefully cheesy. ;)

for today ... a {craft}ernoon: felt wreath.

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - final 2

* felt (lots and lots of felt) ... i think i used 24 8x10 squares.
* pins
* Styrofoam wreath
* scissors
* patience!


step 1) trace and cut out several circles.

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - step 1

step 2) fold each circle in half and then in half again - would that be "fold it in quarter?"

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - step 2

step 3) with your pin, add each quartered circle to the Styrofoam wreath.

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - step 3

step 4) continue varying your quartered circles and fluffing to fill any gaps.

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - step 4

and ... voila:

felt fridays - {craft}ernoon: felt wreath - final 1

one fantastic felt wreath.

i have to admit that this is my favorite wreath in our apartment. {it took a little convincing for wade - he just loves fresh greenery!} i'd love to make a few more ... but i'm not sure i have the patience to do another. ha! :) it not the pinning that takes time but the cutting. plus felt tends to pull a little.

enjoy! and if you make your own - be sure to send me a link to your picture. xo.


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