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it's a wrap!

last night whitney stopped by after work before heading to dinner with her boyfriend. we chatted while i cleaned up dinner and then, to help her get into the holiday spirit, she helped me begin my wrapping!

remember on my christmas list how i wanted to do fun wrapping this year - similar to cakies. well i gathered up all the fixings: ribbon, felt, buttons, yarn, etc and the supplies: glue gun, fabric glue, scissors, ruler. and despite the mess ...

christmas wrapping - the setup (what a mess!)

... we were quite successful:

christmas wrapping - the progress 2
{whitney's masterpiece!}

christmas wrapping - the progress 4christmas wrapping - the progress 1
christmas wrapping - the progress 3
{a few of my own!}

what a ridiculously successful december 1st. wade and i now have presents under the tree! now to keep him out of them. (he has attempted twice already to convince me that we should go ahead and open presents!)

christmas wrapping - final

however the tree is still only partially decorated:

christmas tree 2010

a pretty start! i'm waiting for some lace to come in and then i'll add it as garland on the tree. and THEN we can decorate.

with all my {craft}ernoon ideas - the entire apt including the tree will be decorated in stages this year. :)


Brian and Angie Seehafer said...

Very beautiful Blair!! I love it!!

Jake and Cristy said...

I put lace garland on our tree this year and I LOVE it!! Although, it was just some lace edging that I had laying around (left over from a wedding).

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