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if we weren't so busy unpacking ...

i would insist that we decorate for fall.
{as i've said before it's my absolute favorite.}

i would definitely want to make these candle centerpieces w/ indian corn and twine. i found them while flipping through the pottery barn catalog for ideas - but of course i could pull them off for quite a bit cheaper! besides we have rolls of extra twine sitting around from the wedding:

and what a perfect welcome ... this preserved magnolia and pomegranate wreath from restoration hardware - again something that wouldn't be too difficult to make (bonus: the giant magnolia tree in our front yard):

and of course ... fall decor would not be complete without lots and lots of pumpkins:

instead ... wade and i are brainstorming living room decor.

the bedroom is so close to finished. tonight we're installing a mirror, the desk still needs an overhaul (but that's going to have to wait), and i have a short list of things i want to pick up to complete the overall look. oh - and of course we're still waiting on supplies for the bedside lamps but that should be any day now.

the kitchen is somewhat complete also. we're considering a bigger table for 6 ... but we have my rickety old kitchen table and mismatched chairs in the meantime. and of course all of our dishes displayed - boy do i need to take some pictures, huh!!

so we're left with the living room. and we (i) have a loong loong list. ha!

1) a pie safe or some other primitive cabinet for our china.
i think i might have found the one today during a lunch antique run. i had been looking for one in robin's egg blue or another pastel (and chipping of course). but this one's pretty cute too. we would want to sand it and restain it because of the current gloss finish. and i'd want to play with the white tin a bit. but i love the white interior and the little glass knobs. what do you think??? stick with my first intentions and hold out for a painted pie safe or go for it?

{pardon my horrible cell photography!}

2) a console for under 3) a brand new flat screen tv.
we put our armoire and tv up on craigslist late last week and sold both for $300. maybe a little premature - as we're now left with wade's tv and nothing to put it on. i love the barrett media stand sold on (of course) pottery barn ...

... but heck no. we're not spending $699 on this bad boy. so i snapped a couple of dressers at the antique store today too. thoughts??? i'm sort of leaning toward the white - however with silver knobs instead of the painted white ones it currently has! and at $185 ... that's a steal! :)

4) a rug ... not just any rug ... the bird floral rug from pottery barn. i've been watching it religiously hoping for a sale. no luck yet.:

and to finish it off ... someday down the road:

5) a delicious leather couch. particularly this one from restoration hardware if someone wants to gift it to us. (can you believe they are asking between $3360 - $4270 for that bad boy?!? *dre-e-e-e-eam dream dream dream*)

so obviously ... there's little room in the budget for fall decorations at this time. ha! {there's little room in the budget for the majority of my list!}

i am {craft}ernoon overdue. so maybe i'll pull together some of the magnolia leaves and figure something out. xo.


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