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halloween after all ...

wade and i are heading to asheville, nc halloween weekend to celebrate friends keelie and eric. they have rented a cabin in the mountains w/ room enough for their wedding guests - a very intimate affair. then at dusk, we're having a little ceremony in which wade is officiating and i'm singing {... maybe we should take this show on the road!}

and that's not all - the night will end with a pirate party reincarnated from the good ol' days when keelie and wade lived in the castle on belmont. yo ho ho!

so i've been brainstorming my costume! it has to be magnificent - unfortunately i've created a halloween costume name for myself:

{2007 - the frog. a church children's department find. handmade in the 70s - i cannot take credit. but i can take credit for wooing wade w/ this bad boy. it was the second time we met!}

{2008 - the jellyfish. by far the top dog - in fact, my boss & his entire family went as a school of jellyfish the following year - and won top prize!}

{2009 - a quick day of costume ... add ray-bans, a guitar hero guitar, and a flower pot skirt - and you've got the dancing flower. come on 80s kids, you totally had one of these bad boys, right?}

and today while showering - my best brainstorming - i came up with the perfect followup! to the thrift store i must go (another quick lunch run).


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