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{blog}spiration: newdressaday.com

yesterday while watching CBS' the early show, they did a segment on marissa lynch and her blog newdressaday.com. inspired by julia & julie, she not only set out to make a dress a day, but she also gave herself a budget of just $1 a day! woah.

love some of the outfits she has created:

{especially the cute little ensemble she wore for the show ... day 324}

and especially the before/after pics:

{day 324: before and after}

definitely feeling inspired ... though i'm not quite ready to commit to a dress a day. maybe a dress a week! :)

what blogs do you just love to follow?


Tara said...

That's incredible! I hadn't seen her blog before now. Too fun. I wish I was half as crafty!

A Case Of The Mundays said...

yah some of her upgrades were minimal - but some amazing! i wish i was not only that crafty but had free time! :)

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