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honeymoon - day 1 & 2: SPAIN

i can't believe that i'm just now getting around to blogging about our honeymoon. we jumped into married life head first - but definitely don't want to forget all the sweet sweet memories shared together our first week as a married couple.

sept 26, 2010 -

we stayed at hotel preston on our wedding night. truth is ... we could have slept anywhere! we were exhausted from the festivities of the entire week before. our room was great - and the bed was ultra comfy (little did we know it was the last time we would sleep on a soft mattress for a while).

our flight was to leave at 3pm, but wade and i were up early. so we dropped off our wedding wear at our new apt and ran a couple of errands with little success. {it felt so funny - the day after our wedding - and life as usual.} we also wanted to get to the airport a bit early to see if we could get an earlier fight to ATL (our layover before our madrid flight was only 45 min).

well --- we barely made it on the earlier flight - and with delays and a nice wait on the tarmac it was no longer the "earlier" flight. they kept telling us that they for sure had room for 1 of us (uh hmm ... it was our HONEYMOON & neither of us was willing to go alone). we needed one person to miss their flight for us both to make it. and lucky for us (unfortunate for them) ... we did. we ran to our ATL gate in the nick of time just as they announced last call.

{ps - brandon - unfortunately the treats didn't work quite as well as we had hoped. we got a free glass of champagne out of it ... but not first class. ha! wishful thinking. next time.}

sept 27th, 2010 -

we arrived in madrid at 9am on september 27th. w/ a 9-hour layover, we decided to leave the airport and do some speed sight-seeing.

we stopped at an outdoor cafe for "dos paninis un cafè" and a delicious mango smoothie (i don't dare try to say that in spanish!) then we attempted to hit up the art museums including el prado ... but they were closed. poo. instead, in true munday fashion, we enjoyed the royal botanical gardens:

both were exhausted, we decided to head back to the airport a bit early! (in fact ... embarrassing moment/marriage initiation 1: i fell asleep on wade's shoulder on the metro ride back to the airport and drooled down his arm. quite entertaining, i'm sure, for the pack of men facing us on the train.)

we made it to our gate for our flight to marrakech ready to get on our way! but ... our flight was delayed 5 HOURS! seriously!?! in an effort to make the airport a "peaceful experience", they didn't announce the delay or send anyone to our gate until it finally arrived. {ironic, eh? instead of announcing delays they continuously loop "madrid is a silent airport" ... blah blah blah.}

finally ... at 12.30 we loaded the plane and were off to morocco ...


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