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our wedding: it's shower time!

and that's so incredibly exciting.

{but also - somewhat uncomfortable. there's the whole opening presents (that we asked for nonetheless) in front of people. open to fast and you seem ungrateful. open to slow and people get bored. i'm on a tangent ... excuse me.}

a few pics from my nashville shower just in time for shower #2 this weekend in illinois:

my beautiful hosts, whitneybe and taytay.

check out the yummy cake that taylor made.

and the fantastic spread by whitney.
(i particularly loved the little touches ... the gingham napkins with twine. and of course all of her southern living gear.)

so many presents. we are so grateful!

i loved seeing all my lovely nashville girlfriends {and their little girls} and was glad that wade's mom, grandma, sister and niece could make it.

of course - it wouldn't be the same without my mum.
so we skyped her.
oh technology. i love you!

fun times!


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