Test Title 1

heading to illinois today!


and picking wade up on the way (in stl).
very excited for shower #2. and some quality family time. even my cousin rachel is flying in. yay!

bc we're kicking town (and returning to a house guest sunday night) ... i worked like mad unpacking and organizing wedding stuff last night. the house is now livable - but definitely not decorated.

how ridiculous is my bedroom:

organization at it's finest.
relaxation ... not so much.
not for 43 more days at least!!!

i did however have a scrumptious little breakfast this am before packing up my overnight and heading into the office.

wade and i plan to join a csa share once we're married.
i've found this little blog to be very helpful.
are you involved with one that we should look into?

maybe we'll get into canning too. {we will have a katrillion mason jars post wedding.} is there anything more delicious than fresh strawberry jam?


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