Test Title 1

kansas city ...

wade's in kansas city until friday.

{then he flies into stl where i pick him up and we head home for shower #2 - yay! but that's a different story.}

i've been to k.c. once.
i was about 10 years old and it was my special trip w/ grandma and grandpa. every few years they went to a convention for brookfield uniforms and they would take one of us grandkids along.

i don't remember much about the trip. (poor memory, poo.) i remember taking a tour of the city ... seeing a big fountain in one of the parks and my first ever dog bakery (which i still think is silly). but this trip was particularly special bc grandma and grandpa had worked it out so that i could SING at the final banquet.

i remember waiting nervously for my turn. and finally walking up to the stage. the band played and i sang my little heart out.

when i sat back down grinning from ear to ear - bc yes, i was the girl that sang at the brookfield uniforms convention, one of the older men at the table tapped my shoulder and said ...


"so honey, when is it you're going to sing?"

no one could hear me over the band. :(

i'll have to post some pics if i can find them. memories!


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