Test Title 1

good news!

started of the morning a bit rough.
shoe + doggy doo = yuck!
still no word from bank of america = yuck!

so as a little pick-me-up i bought a new phone! oh thank you, retail therapy. guess what, blogosphere?!? i'm getting the droid incredible and it's blogger accessible. it's back-ordered until the 25th but then ... I'M BACK!

i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day.
i went home to martinsville, il (pop. 900 or so) for some serious r&r. i headed north saturday am and did a little garage saling/antique shopping on the way. (we're still searching for several wedding essentials - including 1 TALL crystal candlestick and a 13" cake plate. it will be fun to someday in the future buy things simply bc i like them again - and not with wedding purpose. okay - tangent aside.) my mom & grandma drove down on saturday. and my dad drove his motorcycle down on sunday. it was a quiet weekend - full of afternoon naps and long chats on the back porch.

there is something so relaxing about martinsville.
it's my mayberry.

* maybe it's the haze of the dust that trails me on the gravel roads that lead to town.
* maybe it's the friendly wave from the driver's seat of the tractors as we pass.
*maybe it's the countless hours spent coloring pictures, playing dominoes, & singing at the kitchen table with my grandma.
*maybe it's the memories hidden among the wild strawberries of the garden or the rickety old grand stand of the fairgrounds.

yes ... there is something about martinsville.

how did you spend the holiday?

in other news ... fantastic ridiculously exciting news ... 
we've finally decided on our honeymoon!
*** drum roll ***
we're going to spend 8 fantastic days in MOROCCO!

wade initially wanted the entire honeymoon to be a surprise. but wade and i are lousy secret keepers - from each other at least. (christmas has come about 3 weeks early each year since we started dating!) now however - he promises to keep the details of the trip a secret from me. he has teamed up with fellow blogger maryam in marrakech and together they are coming up with a perfect get-away!

a recent tweet from @MyMarrakesh: Working on honeymoon package for Peacock Pavilions.  *pure magic*  Makes me want to get married all over again.

how exciting!
okay okay - i'm completely over the dog poop! and feeling a little less hateful of BoA. 
hope you have a splendid day! xo.


ABCDMomma said...

HOLY CRAP!!! That is going to a WONDERFUL honeymoon. I'm getting the incredible too and CAN'T WAIT! I have the Motorola Droid, but don't love it!

Can I see you soon?? I am chillaxin at home w/ the baby tonight when daddy's at work!


a case of the mundays said...

thanks jo jo. i'm so excited. wade informed me yesterday that we will be SURFING at one point. i love my adventurous hubby-to-be.

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