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our wedding: sweet things ...

a week and four months until we're married. hooray.
i love countdowns.
and love even more seeing the wedding "to do" list dwindling as things are marked off the list.

this weekend, wade made a trip into town.
friday morning, we had our first marriage counseling session. then saturday afternoon the clouds parted just long enough for us to squeeze in our engagement pictures. we lucked out and had friend & photojournalist josh anderson take time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to shoot us.

here's a preview:
okay! i want more wade too.
but this is the only shot we've seen - so i'm pretty excited to flip through the remaining 500-something pictures!

* * * * * *

after wade left on sunday i ran around to a couple of antique stores in town to pick up things for the wedding.
instead i bought us a little wedding gift!

a little back story ...
i had fallen in love with the maxfield flatware available currently at pottery barn. for 349.00 (on sale!) you can purchase four 5-piece place settings ...
"like vintage silverware collected over time, each of our maxfield flatware settings combines five different designs united by their 19th-century english origins. Tumbled by hand to achieve the warm patina of timeworn heirlooms."
instead ... i spent $50 and bought us six authentic mismatched vintage silveware place settings!
(i guess i'll have to spend another $12.50 for six soup spoons.)

pretty pretty pretty!

* * * * * *

last but not least ... have you seen "Coco Before Chanel"?

it is such a beautiful film.
i watched it twice yesterday. it was rainy and i wasn't feeling all too well.
and ... excuses aside ... it's a fantastic film.


Wes Howard said...

So glad that you are in the season of life Blair! You deserve it. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see more pics, Blair! Beautiful..thanks for sharing your journey :)

ABCDMomma said...

Love this! I adore your authenticity (is that spelled correctly?) You are so uniquely and wonderfully you!! I am so lucky to have a charming friend like you! Tell me about the CoCo before Chanel movie?

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